Beauty at Bristol Zoo

We have spent a lot of time at Bristol Zoo lately. Ruby loves animals, and it is a beautiful setting to visit for an hour or two. We were given membership to the zoo for Ruby's birthday, so it never feels like a waste of money if we only visit for an hour. I love taking my camera with me and capturing some of the amazing things we see there. On Saturday, we saw this bat feasting on the flowers. I have never been as close to a bat as we were able to get to this one. They are incredible creatures!
We often see robins at the zoo, but what I didn't realise when I was taking this photo, was that the robin had a spider in its mouth. It was a fun discovery to see the spider in its mouth when I was looking back at the photos on my camera. Can you see the little legs sticking out of the robin's mouth?
There are so many tiny flowers everywhere at the moment, and the sight of water droplets on petals always appeals to me.
I am pretty certain that I took more photos of flowers and animals than I did of Ruby - it's a good thing my husband was there to make sure she didn't try and swim with the ducks, or climb in with the meerkats...