There is an alleyway at the back of our hose that runs parallel between our road and the next. I had rarely gone down the alleyway before Ruby could walk (except for the time when I locked Ruby in the house and didn't have my keys with me, and had to vault the neighbours back fence to get back into our house. But that's another story.)
Once Ruby started walking, it was clear that she loved to take every opportunity possible to explore and walk. So we started to walk up and down the back alley almost daily, as it provided a place for her to walk freely without any of the dangers that walking on the pavements and roads presented. While it is not exactly an inspiring place to walk, with all of the abandoned fridges, door mats, spoons and pots of chinese popcorn (?!), I have just been grateful to have a little bit more space beyond our back garden. Even the smallest change of scenery can help get through the hours in the afternoon that always seem to last longer than any other hours in the day.
Last week on one of our walks, I spotted some flowers populating the alleyway - such a welcome sight among the rubbish. It seemed a shame that no-one except us really gets to benefit from their beauty, and so on our walk on Friday, I took a pair of secateurs with me so that I could bring some of that beauty back into our home.