The 52 Project: 12/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
There are some weeks where I can barely remember what we have done. This week is one of those times. All I can remember is that we bought you your second pair of shoes as you had outgrown your very first pair, and that you were sick six times on the eve of Daddy's thirtieth birthday. My poor memory is just one of the reasons that I am grateful for photography as a way of recording what we do with our days.

We have come to Herefordshire to a little place called Abbey Dore to celebrate Daddy's birthday with some of our friends, and you are loving having the extra space to explore that we don't have at home. Your friends Wren and Judah are here too, although you are not particularly interested in Judah, who is four weeks old. To be honest, you're more interested in the monkey's on his baby grow than in him. He has already asked for your hand in marriage, so hopefully he won't be too upset at your current lack of interest. 

All my love,
Mama xx

For the first time since I started The 52 Project in 2013, someone other than me has taken the portrait for this week. Photo credit goes to Andy Kearney. 


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