The 52 Project: 10/52

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.

Dear Ruby,
I found it hard to pick just one portrait for the week this week. I managed to take a lot more photos of you than usual, and there are a few that I love that I think capture your personality right now. The way you love to transport things everywhere (pegs, dolls, clothes, marbles...speaking of marbles, I bought you a marble run which you love. You only have two marbles and I was conscious that they were very likely to get lost very quickly. However, you seem to have a system in place for where you store them when you have finished playing, and I have no idea where that place is, but each time I find myself wondering where the marbles are, you seem to appear with them in your hand. Carrying them around as if you had never let them go. You, my girl, are brilliant.)

 I captured you with mud around your mouth after you helped yourself to some soil in the garden, and nonchalantly walked around as though this is perfectly normal. I captured you pointing at dogs which is one of your favourite past times, and reading books, which is another thing you love to do. But I chose this photo because I love it for an entirely different reason than what it portrays of you. I look at this photo and remember how it felt like Spring had arrived. It was the first day of the year when we could go walking without needing the warmth of coats. I will remember how good it felt to spend time together as a family, just the three of us, with no agenda other than enjoying the sun and each other. Daddy has been working incredibly hard recently, and this makes the time that we have together even more precious - this walk was a beautiful moment of respite and peace in a busy season - and it is such a joy to have you and your happiness in all of the busyness. Here's to making many more memories like this one.
All my love,


  1. Lovely. Such a wonderful treasure for her to read through when she is older. A great idea that you are doing so well in keeping up with.


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