Sunday, 22 February 2015

The 52 Project: 8/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
A few weeks ago, we bought you a Little Helper fun pod (which is now fondly referred to as your turret), I think this might just be the best purchase we have made for you, aside from the sling I carried you in as a newborn. For a long time, you had been desperate to see what I was doing on the working surface in the kitchen, whenever I was cooking, baking or cleaning, and now you've got a turret to stand in, you can be part of the action too. This week, you have spent a lot of time at the kitchen sink, playing with the water. Mostly, you like to fill up your glasses from the running tap, and drink from them. In an effort to avoid doubling our normal water usage, I set a timer for you to play with the running water for five minutes (I am pretty certain you would have liked to have had the tap on indefinitely). This was the face you pulled when I turned the tap off, and your expression was accompanied by much squawking to let me know you really did want the tap back on. 
In other news, you have suddenly started to sign a whole range of Makaton signs that I have used with you since you were a few months old, which is just amazing to see. You can sign friend, milk, good, spider, cat and swimming. You, my little one, are brilliant. 
All my love,
Mum xxx 

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