Fabric doll's bed

Sewing is something that I love to do, and I will often take on projects that will take a while to complete. I am fairly motivated to complete larger projects (like quilts) when I have a deadline. However, when I'm sewing something that doesn't 'have' to be finished, it often doesn't get completed for way too long. (There are two completed quilt tops sat in the drawer next to me, waiting to be backed and quilted. I started one of them a year ago!) Therefore, I am often on the look out for ideas of things to make that will be quick, so that I am less likely to lose momentum.
A few weeks back, I decided to make a little bed for Ruby's doll. I knew that this should be fairly straightforward, and looked for a tutorial online. I tend to be pretty hopeless at following a pattern, or tutorial, and after a quick browse of Pinterest, I decided I couldn't go too far wrong by winging it, and so that is what I did. The process was very simple. I cut out four rectangles of fabric (two for the base of the bed and two for the top) and two pieces of wadding. I quilted each pair together, then sewed the smaller rectangle on top of the larger one, folding down the edge so that the grey fabric would be slightly visible. 

I trimmed down the edges, then used some bias binding I had made for a previous project to finish off the edges neatly. And that's it. No need to do any kind of sewing right sides together, turning, faffing, etc. It has a good few imperfections, because I was wanting to finish the sewing before Ruby woke from her nap, but I doubt that Ruby has noticed.
What you can't tell from this picture is that this is the first time Ruby had seen her new doll's bed, and she was in the process of whipping the baby and rabbit from it, then launching them across the room and discarding the doll's bed on the floor. I'm sure she'll love it one day....