Friday, 13 February 2015

brownies revisited

Way back in January 2012, I shared the recipe I used for baking brownies. I had just discovered that it was very straightforward to make them gluten free, simply by substituting the plain flour for rice flour, and wrote about this one cold Winter's day from the comfort of the flat we were renting at the time. (In all honesty, that flat was freezing as it didn't have central heating, but we had a plentiful supply of quilts which made it warmer than being outside in the snow.) Fast forward to the present day, and a lot has changed since I first started baking these brownies. We no longer live in our freezing, rented flat. We have a daughter. I am no longer teaching, but I am most definitely still baking. While a lot has changed, the way I make these brownies has remained the same, and I feel privileged and honoured to bake these brownies for other people to buy.

This week I hosted my monthly pop up bakery that I started last August. I offered a choice of brownies and carrot cake cupcakes, and the brownies were very popular. It was such a joy to deliver brownies to Mum's on the cusp of giving birth, Mum's who are in the thick of life with a newborn, hard working Mum's who balance careers and parenting as beautifully as they know how, and Mum's who just want to have a little treat. On my pop up bakery day, I posted a photo of my brownies to my Instagram account, and as a result of the photo, I ended up editing the original recipe to include cup measures so that the lovely T who writes the blog, A seed inspired and lives in America, could bake my brownies.

I love the internet and social media for so many reasons, but especially for this. When I shared the recipe, I never envisaged that I someone who I have connected with via Instagram, would then make them for her husband and eight children, and then tell the world about them. I am honoured to say that T loved the brownies, and wrote about them here.

If you like the idea of baking, but never actually get around to making something from a handful of ingredients, I think brownies are the perfect starting point. They only require one pan, two bowls, no frosting and no faffing. So simple, but they bring a lot of people a lot of happiness.

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