The 52 Project: 4/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
You have recently discovered that the kitchen bin is the perfect height for you to open and close, and not only that, but you have worked out how to put things in the bin, as well as how to remove them. I have started keeping a list of the things I have discovered or observed you putting in there:
1) Parsnips
2) Your reusable nappies
3) Daddy's old glasses

Yesterday, you worked out that you could do exactly the same thing with the laundry basket upstairs, and so far you have left me a few surprises to discover in amongst our dirty clothes:
1) A Christmas bauble
2) A plastic bag
3) My iPhone

This weekend you had your first experiences of a flea market, and you loved finding all of the chairs designed for children, and climbed in as many of them as you could. The abundance of dogs delighted you, as did this earless horse, which you kept revisiting. I'm afraid we didn't bring the horse home with us, but at least you have this photo to remember him by.

All my love,
Mum xxx