The 52 Project: 1/52

'A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2015.'

Dear Ruby,
At the start of this week, we returned home from our Christmas expeditions, and you seemed thrilled to rediscover your wooden car ramp. As soon as we came into the house, you walked into the living room, picked up your cars and put them on the ramp, quietly giggling to yourself. Kitchen dance parties to Michael Jackson have been a regular feature this week, and it is amazing to see how you now understand the word, 'dancing.' Whenever I suggest to you that we could put on some music and dance, you eagerly nod your head, and start your dancing immediately.
On Saturday, we bought you your first pair of shoes to accommodate your new-found walking skills, and it was a joy to see you walking around the zoo today, exploring a familiar place in a new way. You have this wonderful way of walking with your arms and hands outstretched, as you steady yourself from falling. Here's to a year ahead filled with much walking, dancing, and eventually running. Oh, the fun we'll have. 
All my love,


At the beginning of 2014, I came across The 52 Project, and loved the idea as a way of documenting Ruby's first year (she was five weeks old at the time). It's now a year later, and I am so pleased that I committed to this form of documenting last year. Just as I had anticipated, the enormous volume of photos I took of my newborn baby tailed off as the months went by, and so it was very helpful to have the discipline of making sure I managed to take at least a handful of photos to choose from for the 52 project. I have decided to continue with the project this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing just how different this second year of parenting Ruby is to the first. 


  1. Your daughter is so cute. Happy new year.


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