Ruby lately // remembering the little things

I started writing this list a few weeks back, and it's amazing to think how much Ruby has changed, and the different things that come to mind when I think about what she is like now. I thought I would go ahead and share this list anyway, as I am sure that I will enjoy looking back on it in years to come.

These days...
You sit on my lap while I'm eating a slice of lemon drizzle loaf, and delicately dip your index finger into the lemon curd, then pop it into my mouth. You repeat this over again, finding great delight in feeding me. 

You love sitting on your new chair in the kitchen that you can easily climb onto by yourself. You sit there, banana in hand, and I join you, sitting on the floor with my morning coffee in hand, listening to 'Awake my soul'. You gently nod your head in time to the music, and I smile at you, just loving the beautiful simplicity and joy of this moment. You smile back at me, stand up from your chair, walk over to me and wrap your arms around my neck. While you have cuddled me since birth, there is something so wonderful about this expression of love from you, that you now initiate cuddles, rather than being the one scooped up in our arms. 

You have discovered that the kitchen bin is the perfect height for you to open and empty. Over and over again.

Each morning starts with you waking up, clapping and saying, 'dat, dat, dat, dat!' (Your word for everything.)

You have learnt to blow on hot food to cool it down. The only disadvantage about this is that you often blow on the food as soon as it enters your mouth, which sprays the food everywhere! The other day, you touched the radiator and quickly withdrew your hand, looking up at me. I nodded and said, 'It's hot, isn't it?' So then you blew on it, just as you would do to cool your food down. I love seeing how you make sense of the things you understand and translate that knowledge to make connections.

Ever since we bought your first pair of shoes, you have loved going to find them in the cupboard when I tell you that it's time to go out. Or, if I ask you if you'd like to go for a walk, you go straight to the cupboard under the stairs where your shoes are. Your understanding never ceases to amaze me.
We have started going for late afternoon walks, just to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. It turns out, the back alley behind our house is perfect for you to explore. I don't need to worry about you running out into the road, and you find great delight in spotting the neighbourhood cats.

We have started looking at photo books at meal times - you point to the bookshelves and make plenty of noise to indicate that you would like to look at a book. We have been particularly enjoying looking at the photos from Barbados in 2010, our American Road Trip in 2012, and photos of Dadyd as a baby. It's fun to tell you about what life was like and the adventures we went on before you were born.

The washing machine and laundry basket get a lot of your attention, and you will happily spend chunks of time lifting items of clothing up and over your head, as though you are trying to put them on. We bought you a little wicker basket at the flea market last week, so that you can put your dirty clothes in there, and you seem quite delighted by it. You have quickly learned which buttons you need to press in order to turn the washing machine on and start the cycle, and I love enlisting your help with this.

You give the most wonderful cuddles. Of course, this has been the case since you were born. But, now that you embrace us and your friends of your own volition? It's a beautiful thing to see and receive. What a treasure you are.