Bristol Zoo

One of the presents that we received as a family for Ruby's first birthday was membership to Bristol Zoo. I love the zoo for many reasons, perhaps the biggest reason being that it gives us a beautiful space to enjoy, whatever the weather. You'd think the animals would be the biggest attraction, but not for me! I love walking around the grounds and enjoy seeing the changes in the flora through the seasons. On Sunday afternoon, we went for a very impromptu visit, after about half an hour of wandering, I realised I had taken a number of photos, but not one of them had been of the animals. I like looking out for the beauty and details that are around me that would be easy to miss if I was simply focused on looking at the animals. I did end up taking a few photos of animals - I particularly loved the little robin who wasn't at all bothered by how close we were, and carried on singing away while I took photos.
I have to admit that I have become a little lazy with taking photos on my DSLR since having an iPhone, which is far more convenient to carry around and use, especially if I am on my own with Ruby. But every time I make the effort to take my DSLR out with me, I am so glad that I did, and love the quality of the photos. I am very grateful that I have a tolerant and patient husband who never complains at the volume of photos I take!