The 52 Project: 52/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014.'
Dear Ruby,
We have spent the last week celebrating Christmas with both sets of grandparents in Bournemouth and Herne Bay. You have managed to sleep through all of the gift giving and present opening, danced to Christmas Carols at Church, eaten half your body weight in cheese, and decided that walking is way more exciting than crawling. (Obviously, I am exaggerating about how much cheese you have eaten, but you do love it, and it has featured highly in your snack times.) Both of your grandparents had much bigger Christmas trees than we have at home, which has been a lot of fun for you as you pulled on the branches to reach up to all of the sparkling, shiny baubles.
Sadly I didn't manage to take many photos of our Christmas celebrations this year. I took this last portrait of you in when we fed the ducks in the freezing cold with Daddy and Grandad. You have started making a distinctive noise whenever you see any kind of animal, and we have loved seeing your intrigue in animals grow recently as you point and make your 'hmmm, hmmm' noise at each and every kind of animal you see.
Here's to celebrating the end of your first full year, and the beginning of another, full of adventures and discovery as you continue to explore the world around you.
With all my love,
Mama xx