#lifecaptured project: what feelings does twilight arouse in you?

For many years, I have had this desire to capture beauty, and ever since my Father bought me my first SLR camera for my seventeenth birthday, I have loved the way that I can use photography as a way to try and capture the beauty I see around me. Twilight evokes a mixed response in me - I love to try and capture the colours that change so rapidly in the sky at that time of day, but often feel a frustration at just how fast the loss of light at twilight feels during the Winter months.

As twlight falls, I am often in the process of preparing dinner for my daughter. I have learnt that the more prepared I can be with cooking, the better, as this is a time of day where Ruby is often tired and frustrated. Recently, we have started a lovely routine around dinner time and twilight, where we go up to our bedroom and sit in the rocking chair. Ruby rocks back and forth on my lap, inviting me to sing yet another song that I have made up about Ruby in the rocking chair, before quickly become distracted by the view out of the window. Our bedroom windows are covered with Ruby's handprints. In the mornings, she stands on the windowsill in the back bedroom, watching the birds fly around the chimney tops and pointing at the trees swaying in the breeze. The front bedroom holds the perfect invitation for watching twilight as the sun sets to the West, and I am learning to love this time of day, as I watch my daughter finding peace as she watches the world go by at twilight.


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