The 52 Project: 45/52

'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014.'

Dear Ruby,
We have had a wonderful week of adventuring with friends at the park, having Grandad to visit, and staying at Little Normead Farm for the weekend. You loved meeting the kitten and watching the ducks waddling around the farm in the morning sun. It is a joy to participate in games of Peekaboo / 'Where'rs Ruby?' that you initiate with us. You cover up your face to hide from us, using all manner of objects to do this, including a giant Autumn leaf, a lemon juicer, your hands and a piece of bread. I love your creativity.

I chose this photo of you eating an apple for your portrait this week, because it says so much about you. Initially, I had sliced a segment of the apple and offered it to you, but you were gently insistent that you would like to have the much larger portion of the apple to gnaw on. So I gave it to you, and you tackled it with patience and enjoyment. You didn't seem to mind that the apple kept slipping from your grasp, or that it required both of your hands to lift it to your mouth. I quite like the fact that you chose the challenge rather than the simple option. I am reminded of another very similar portrait I took of you three months ago, where you are eating an entire bunch of grapes, rather than the single one that I had cut in half for you. Thank you for the constant reminder of all that I can learn from you.
With great love,
Mama xxx