With the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn, I have been struggling with getting up while it is still dark. Remember that post where I talked about my early morning exercise class, and how I needed to keep it up through the long Winter months because it does me good on so many levels? I had to keep reminding myself of that as I lay awake at 4.30am and tried to talk myself out of having to get up to do exercise. But my alarm faithfully went off (funny how good they are at their job, isn't it?!) and I left the house while it was still dark.

On my walk home from my early morning exercise class, the sun was bright and low in the sky, and the morning dew hung from every surface. I love to capture the beauty around me with my camera, and as I bent low to take a photo of raindrops on flowers, it occurred to me how water is a magnifier. We need the rain for so many things, but one of the added benefits of the residue it leaves behind is that it magnifies beauty. This was such a refreshing thought to me, after three days of heavy rain, which has left me feeling quite miserable.

Here's to enjoying the beauty that is all around us, and allowing it to bring a bit of perspective.