Welcome, October!

September, you were beautiful and went by at a phenomenal speed. Thank goodness for photos, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue what I did, except for the most poignant moments of celebrating a friend's wedding and meeting my brand new goddaughter for the first time.

Highlights from September (from top to bottom, left to right):
- We finally cleared enough space in our daughter's room for her to sleep in there. As with any transition in parenthood, I am learning that being flexible is invaluable. Some nights we play musical beds to keep our sanity and save us from starting the day at am. This is the season we are in and I am mostly fine with that.

- We started going to a messy play session on a Wednesday morning. It's fascinating to watch the sensory experiences that Ruby is cautious of and those where she delves in mouth first to taste just how great paint feels in her mouth.

- I go for a lot of walks around our neighbourhood and love how many flowers are still blooming beautifully.

- Visiting the new Anthropologie store in Bath. For any American readers who are familiar with Anthro, there are only 4 shops in the UK, so to have one within easy travelling distance of Bristol is incredibly exciting for me. We just so happened to visit on Anthro day when there was 15% off everything in the store, and they were serving drinks, cheese & crackers to enjoy while we shopped. Absolutely love this shop.

- The mornings have become so dark, and getting up for my Thursday morning body balance is definitely becoming harder. But getting to enjoy glorious sunrises makes the walk there very enjoyable. Walking into a room full of yoga mats with this track by Colbie Caillat playing is an uplifting way to start the day. I have to remember through the cold, dark months that exercise is so very good for me and I really do love it.

- We attended my friend Katy's wedding at the beautiful Huntstile farm. Such a wonderful day of celebration and fun. Being in beautiful settings like this farm remind me of how much I love England.

- September was a slightly slower baking month for me than August, but I still enjoyed making black bottom cupcakes and experimenting with new flavours (spiced apple and salted caramel).

- Two week old baby hands of my beautiful goddaughter. Cuddles with newborn babies are my favourite.

- I am sad to see Summer go, but I do absolutely love the colours of Autumn.