The 52 Project: 43/52

Dear Ruby, 
Today we went on an adventure to Westonbirt Arboretum with Auntie Sarah. I first visited the Arboretum ten years ago when I had just moved to Bristol, and I had never seen so many red leaves in my life. It was breathtaking. We visited the Arboretum together many months ago, when you were tiny and spent most of the time asleep in your sling. So it was a lot of fun to take you today and watch you enjoy the Autumn leaves. You also loved seeing all of the dogs that were there, enjoying long walks with their owners. 

We have laid low this week, after you contracted hand, foot and mouth virus, and needed a lot of quiet days, enjoying plenty of books, cuddles and fresh air. Here's to being thankful for your happy temperament which is returning after a week of many tears, frustration, and one night time drive at 3am when you just wanted to play!
With great love,