The 52 Project: 42/52

Dear Ruby,
My sweet girl, the developmental changes that you are going through at the moment have challenged me to be more spontaneous to help us get through the afternoons where all you want to do is be in my arms. There are a few things that have saved the day more than once when you are close to tears:
1) The dishwasher. You love to climb up it and inside it - this has progressed from a couple of weeks ago, when you would tentatively put one knee on the open dishwasher door. Now, you climb inside and pull yourself up to standing using the top drawer, while simultaneously pulling out the cutlery.
2) Going for walks. Today, three outings to the library and walking around the garden was just the right amount of fresh air to keep us both sane.
3) The garden. Being outside calms you like nothing else. Our garden doesn't have much in it, but you are so enthralled by the pools of rainwater that have collected in plant pots, that you are engaged in exploration for as long as I let you cover yourself in soil and water. The birds often attract your attention, and you frequently stop what you are doing to point skyward. Seeing how much enjoyment you get from being outdoors, compared to the frustration you feel when we're indoors and I'm trying to cook dinner, is a helpful reminder for me to prepare food in advance so that we embrace the things that you enjoy.
Keep exploring the soil, little one, but perhaps don't eat too much of it...
With great love,


  1. Going outside is our cure for the grumpies too. Stunning eyes! xx


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