The 52 Project: 39/52

'A portrait of our daughter, once a week, every week in 2014.'

Dear Ruby,
Today you turned ten months old. You are our concrete-crawling, cable-chewing, breadstick-loving, blue-eyed blinking Ruby-girl. You have developed a style of crawling, reserved exclusively for when you're in the garden and want to crawl across the patio in a dress. This involves tucking one leg inside your dress and putting your other foot flat down on the ground to help you scoot along. It's wonderful watching you adapt to do what you need to do. This week, you have had a temperature which made you feel very poorly, but thankfully, you got better just in time for a visit to London to meet your newest friend, Wren, for the first time. Here's to a childhood filled with adventures with friends who are like family.
With great love,
Mum xxx