Southbourne & Bournemouth.

Last week, we soaked up the end of Summer with family in Southbourne. My parents in law have just moved there, swapping city life in London for a peaceful retirement by the sea. On our first evening there, we took the short walk to the beach to enjoy the sunset and a swim. I did the honourable thing and looked after Ruby so that everyone else could swim!
Beach huts will always remind me of home - my parents also live near the sea, on the South East coast - and the coastline is dotted with these colourful huts. I am curious as to whether other coastal countries have beach huts, or if this is purely an English thing. It's quite fun to walk past beach huts on a busy Summer's day to see the array of decor and beach paraphernalia adorning the interiors of different huts.
Ruby took great delight in crawling around her grandparents' garden, munching on crispy brown leaves and pulling at the long grass. It is a joy to see how content she is in her explorations of the world around her.
The annual Bournemouth air show took place over the weekend. which involved John and his Dad spending much time marvelling at the variety of planes flying overhead on a regular basis, while I dealt with the baby who was woken by their roaring engines. I have to admit, they were pretty impressive though, even if they did wake my baby.

View from Hengistbury Head
John and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary while we were in Southbourne, and thanks to kind grandparents, we enjoyed celebrating with a meal out by ourselves. It was a wonderfully restful week, and I am excited at the prospect of many more family holidays here over the coming years. I am particularly looking forward to watching as Ruby transitions from being a baby who loves to eat sand, to a child who loves to build sandcastles and swim in the sea.