Dear Ruby

Dear Ruby,
These days, you crawl like a champion. This makes taking photographs of you a great challenge. As soon as you see the camera, you drop whatever you're doing and crawl as fast as you can towards me. There are so many moments that go uncaptured because you get distracted by the camera, and I am learning to be ok with that.
We tend not to bother with plates and bowls at meal times, because when we do. you throw them on the floor as though you'd be taught about the Greek tradition of smashing plates.

I have resorted to giving you a pre-dinner snack on more than one occasion this week, when you inevitably seem to reach a point of being unable to cope without being in my arms. Watermelon has come to my rescue, and thankfully, we have got plenty more stored up in the fridge. Here's to enjoying fruit as a starter to every meal. Which means your face looks like this before dinner has even begun: (Yep, that's a bit of yoghurt up your nose. It's just how you roll, and you're very comfortable with it.)

When we're in the kitchen together, your favourite thing to do is tip the basket of onions and potatoes over and eat the skin off the red ones. Always the red onions, never the white. We find remnants of red onion skin all over the house, and it makes me smile, because if it wasn't for you, we'd only find onion skins in the kitchen.
You have learnt to use the click-clack car track with incredible speed, and your excitement when you spot your toothbrush in the bathroom is second only to how much you love it when Daddy arrives home from work. Ruby, we have such fun with you. You know how to make us laugh, and we love the joy that you bring.
Keep growing strong, little one.
Your Mama.