The 52 Project: 32/52

 'A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014.'

Dear Ruby,
There have been a few things that have taken your interest a lot this week:
1) Lights. It's as though you've just discovered that there are a whole lot of interesting things to see in this world if you look up. Lamp shades and light bulbs have succeeded in getting your attention.
2) Waving. This afternoon as I carried you around the house with me, doing various jobs (you made it clear that you did not want to be put down), you waved at everything in every room. When you saw your reflection, you gave an extra enthusiastic wave and smile.
3) Grapes. I have offered you grapes to eat a few times, having cut them in half to reduce the risk of you choking on them. But you have had very little interest in eating these. However, you have discovered how to pull grapes off their stalks then pop them into your mouth. It turns out that you are far more efficient at eating grapes when I let you work it out for yourself. (I am sure I will spend a lifetime working out when to offer you help, and when to hold back. Please be patient with me.)
4) My singing. There have been a few evenings this week where you have struggled to get to sleep, little one. One evening when we had both reached the end of ourselves, I lay down next to you and started singing you a lullaby. You instantly calmed down, rested your hand on my cheek and drifted off to sleep as I continued to sing, What a beautiful moment. It happened again the next night. And then the night after that, you lay your hand on my cheek, then proceeded to bite my face. Not so beautiful!