37 weeks: then & now

At the start of this year, I decided to take part in The 52 Project, taking a portrait each week of my daughter, to document the year. Before this project, the only time I had ever thought about how many weeks had passed was during pregnancy. As the weeks of 2014 have rolled on, and reached 33 weeks, I thought it would be fun to compare what life looks like now at the age Ruby is (She was born 4 weeks before the start of 2014) to how it did at this stage during my pregnancy. 

 Then: I was stockpiling the freezer with soups to get me through Winter lunches.
Now: I am baking like there's no tomorrow for the Mum's of Bristol.
 Then: I loved taking photos of the sky.
Now: I still do.
 Then: I had an enormous belly.
Now: I have a perfectly proprtioned baby (weighing in the 91st centile for her weight) with cheeks that are perfectly edible.

Then: I was struggling to walk further than a few metres, but trying to get out for fresh air anyway.
Now: I've been enjoying morning walks along the railway path, showing Ruby the wildflowers. 

I loved being pregnant, but looking at the size of my belly and remembering how that felt, I definitely prefer having my baby on the outside rather than the inside!