sewing lately // miniature drawstring bag

We recently celebrated the first birthday of a good friend of our family, and as part of his present, I made a little drawstring bag for him to keep his wooden eggs in. I understand that drawstring bags are one of the first sewing projects children undertake at school, but I have never made one. There's always the chance I missed out on that opportunity in my textiles classes, as I was banned from using the sewing machines. My teacher got rather fed up of me creating yet another 'bird's nest' - the term she used to describe the mess I made when I started sewing with the cotton incorrectly threaded in the machine, causing the needle and bobbin to get into a big old mess.
Needless to say, my sewing skills have come a long way since those days, and I am pleased to say that I am able to sort my bird's nests out these days. However, I do still get a good number of things wrong in my sewing, and my first attempt at a drawstring bag did not work out so well. I am very much a visual learner, and I struggle to preempt potential mistakes, as I cannot visualise how something will look once I have reversed the fabric and turned it the right way out. This is a bit of a shortcoming when it comes to sewing, as almost everything I make requires an element of sewing the fabric while it is inside out, so that seams are hidden when you turn the fabric the right way around. Once I had made my mistake, it was far easier for me to see what I needed to do differently, and my second attempt turned out just right.