around here

discovering the most wonderful places just a short drive from my home. (More on this later in the week.)
sewing miniature drawstring bags for babes that are celebrating their first birthday
lying on the grass
growing orchids and roses. I have been incredibly happy to see my orchid flowering for the first time in four years. I am not very good at keeping plants alive, and orchids have always seemed particularly delicate to me. When we moved into our new house, I put our near-dead orchid on our kitchen windowsill and kept resolving to give one last go at taking good care of it. A couple of months ago, I finally removed it from the opaque ceramic pot that it has always lived in, so that the roots could get some sunlight, as I have been informed that this is essential for growth. This was the turning point, and within a couple of weeks, there was a fresh shoot appearing! I have watched with increasing glee as the orchid has gone from strength to strength, and was so excited when the first bud burst open last week!
eating al fresco in the morning sun. The novelty of having a little bit of outdoor space in our home has still not worn off, and we have lived here for a year now. Our view might not be very pretty yet, but basking in the morning sun? It's glorious wherever you're sat.
excited to start reading the River Cottage Infant and Toddler cookbook