The 52 Project: 3/52

"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014."

Ruby, you turned 7 weeks old this week and I am still amazed by how much you sleep during the day. When you are not sleeping, you are such a happy baby, and you love to kick those long legs of yours constantly. The days when your legs were curled up and quite still seem long gone. Your legs are so long that you are already growing out of your 3 - 6 month old baby gro's! I have started to resort to putting you in footless baby gro's and tiny socks to solve this. You were born with a full head of hair, which attracts a lot of comments from people. I wondered whether it would fall out, as newborn hair often does, but yours seems like it's here to stay, and just keeps growing.


  1. Ruby looks quite Auburn headed here- beautiful!

    1. Hi Clare, Ruby's hair is quite auburn at the moment - it'll be interesting to see if she stays this colour : )


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