Happy Tuesday, Friends! Lately, I have been thankful for...

The kind and thoughtful comments that some of you left in response to a letter for you. (I have left each one of you a reply in the comments section.)
 A husband who takes photos of the sunrise while I am sleeping, then leaves me notes to let me know that there are beautiful skies captured on camera for me to look at,  just because he knows how much I love the skies. 
 Crackling fires and Chicken Pie on cold Winter Evenings
 For quiet mornings with my daughter who is calm, strong and oh so alert (when she isn't sleeping, which she does a lot of the time.)
 For Winter sunshine and afternoon walks in the woods with a precious friend.
A precious three year old who watch me carrying my baby in a sling and asks to do the same with her doll.
Time with my Mum and her kind and gentle ways.
A husband who makes me granola bars, just so I can have some healthy snacks about the house.

Here's to celebrating the small and beautiful moments in every day life.