weekend round up

Weekend Gratitudes
I am starting the week feeling fresh from a calm and cozy weekend, feeling so thankful for....

// The company of wonderful friends, who made the journey to Bristol from London, just to spend the afternoon with our little family.

// Nostalgic Christmas music filling our home in the form of the soundtrack from Home Alone

// Having a sleeping baby to cuddle for hours on end. Cherishing these days of having a newborn.

// Church community who blessed us with food - homemade steak & ale pie, chocolate and mince pies - and filled our home for hours on end on Sunday afternoon.

// Christmas candles filling our living room with their divine aromas

// Bright winter sunshine, blue skies and fresh, crisp air filling my lungs

// Family walks around our neighbourhood 

// The last colours of Autumn glowing bright in the December sun

// Neighbours who left a stack of bread tins on their wall for the taking. Yes please & thank you very much. Now I can bake even more loaves of bread simultaneously.

// Music by The Piano Guys. I am especially loving their take on Angels we have heard on High and Arwen's Vigil (which was on the playlist that I listened to while I was in labour).


  1. this looks so peaceful ! this surely will be such special christmas time with your sweet baby girl!


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