photo walk // red

I haven't done a photo walk for a long time - so long in fact that I can't remember when I last did one. All I know for sure is that although I have taken many photos this year, I have rarely just gone for a little walk to capture the things that catch my eye. In these early days of having a baby, I have been enjoying getting out of the house each day, even if it is just for a ten minute walk around the block, it refreshes me, and it feels good to be moving when I am spending many hours of my days sitting down to feed little Miss King.

So today, while John went shopping, I went on a stroll with my baby in her sling and my camera slung over my shoulder. And this is what I saw. Red. Here, there and everywhere.

Red is...

Tbe colour of sprigs of tiny red berries, full of life through the cold of Winter;
It's the colour of the cross-hatched gate, left slightly ajar, eady for the next visitors.
Red is the old-school mini, reflecting the shape of the clouds in its shiny bonnet.
Red is reflected in the Christmas garland adorning a front door,
It's the shade of the dying leaves of a Bay Tree, still beautiful as the life fades.
Red is the paintwork that's looking old and tired;
It's the bold colour of the discarded coffee cup on the red brick wall.
And it's the colour of the blanket that my babe lies on.


  1. Stumbled across your blog . . Isn't going for a photography walk the best? I love how your eye was drawn to a particular color. Such lovely images.

    1. Hello Kari, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment : )
      It's lovely to hear that you enjoy going for photography walks too - I think I'll try and get in the habit of going for photo walks regularly again in the new year!


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