Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Wrapping // Clay Gift Tags

I love wrapping presents, so Christmas is especially fun for me, because I get to wrap presents for all of my loved ones, not just one person. Last year, I came across The Imagination Tree's recipe for white clay, which I made into Christmas tree decorations with my children at school. The clay was so cheap to make and so perfectly white, that I decided to make it again this year, but to use as gift tags instead of tree decorations.
{two decorations from last year when I did a quick trial run of making the clay before trying to make tree decorations with thirty children who were three years old.}
I have a gift tag hole punch, which I used to give me an approximate size and shape for the clay gift tags. I made a paper template, then cur around the rolled out clay with a sharp knife. To make the holes for ribbon and twine to go through, I simply used a straw as a cutter to create the perfect circle.
You can choose to oven bake the clay, or air dry it. In my experience, it is a little tricky to manage to bake the clay for exactly the right amount of time to dry it out and ensure that it stays beautifully pure white. Sadly, I ended up wasting a batch of clay through trying to oven dry it in our new oven, which just didn't work out as planned. So for the next batch, I let them air dry.
Once the clay was dry, I got to work with an artist's pen using a 0.3mm nib to decorate each of the gift tags with the initial of the gift recipient. I just wished I had more clay, because I only had enough to make tags for family members, and I so enjoyed the process of decorating them that I could have kept on going for hours! If you would like to have a go at making the clay, just follow the link to The Imagination Tree's blog at the beginning of this post.

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  1. These monogrammed tags are so cute--and I was amazed to see how simple the clay recipe sounded. May have to try this sometime!