weekend round up

This weekend was chock-full of activity with a few moments of rest thrown in. John came home on Friday to find me acting like an exhausted, defeated, pregnant mess, which was absolutely not a pretty sight, and helped me to conclude that I really should take more afternoon naps. I revelled in the quiet early morning hours on Saturday, and enjoyed the productivity that comes far more naturally to me in the mornings, than any other time of day. 

Saturday morning was spent at a nearly-new sale for babies and children's items. This was my first foray to such an event, and I had been warned that they can be slightly crazy affairs, where people will fight you for the brilliant bargains, and for the first few minutes, I wasn't quite sure if I could hold my own against all of the other Mum's with their babes in slings. Thankfully, I had my friend Hannah with me, who helped me to start the ball rolling, and I managed to come home with a lovely selection of baby blankets, vests, babygrows and post-pregnancy clothes.

For the last few years, John and I have made chutney with fruits kindly given to us from friends whose fruit trees have borne an abundance of fruit, which they gladly share around. We make the chutney in September or October, so that by the time Christmas comes around, the flavours of the chutney have matured and we can share the jars of goodness amongst friends and family to open and enjoy with cheese and biscuits over Christmas. I have been especially looking forward to chutney making this year, as it represents us being one step closer to being prepared for Christmas, ahead of the moment we meet our baby. The prospect of tending to our baby, knowing that Christmas preparations have already been tended to, excites me no end. So, Saturday afternoon brought with it a trip to stock up on hexagonal jars which make me think of honeycomb, then got our hands thoroughly dirty as we de-stoned the damsons.

On Sunday, we drove to Goring to celebrate the life of John's Granny, who sadly passed away last month. Their lovely cottage was filled to overflowing with friends and family who came together to remember her life. John's Grandad gave a moving speech, reflecting on the life of his wife, whom he has spent the last 67 years with. What an amazingly long marriage. I hope and pray that John and I are blessed with as many years together as his grandparents have had.


  1. love the onesies you catched! 67 years in deed is such a very blessed time of being together!
    love your post. many greetings, noni!


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