Thursday, 31 October 2013

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While things have been quiet in this little space, life has been full of celebration, anticipation and preparation for the arrival of our precious baby. Last Friday signalled the end of the first school term of the year, and the beginning of my maternity leave. Physically, I was so ready to rest, and mentally, I felt like I needed maternity leave to begin to start getting my head around the preparations that we had planned prior to Baby King's arrival. Here's a little list of recent happenings...

// Baby Shower //
On Saturday, my precious friend Hannah held a baby shower for me. Family travelled from different parts of the country to be here, and friends from across the city gathered to celebrate with me. With photos strung from twine spanning my childhood and John's and postcards of classic children's stories decorating my home, along with the abundance of baby gifts, the prospect of meeting our daughter became that little bit more tangible.

 // Autumn Beauty // 
I love the seasonal beauty which Autumn brings, and this year I decided to gather up a few things to echo the season that is so evident outdoors, inside our home.
 // Baby Clothes //
One of the jobs that my Mum and I have finished this week is sorting out all of the newborn baby clothes into drawers, ready to keep our babe warm and cozy. I was delighted to add this handknitted cardigan to the collection, which Hannah's Grandma kindly made for us. The generosity and thoughtfulness of others are beautiful things.
 // Quilting //
I bought these fabrics a few weeks ago with every good intention to get started on sewing a quilt for our baby straight away. However, the busyness of my last few weeks of school meant that the fabrics just stayed neatly stacked, sitting pretty. Now that I am on maternity leave with nothing more to do than prepare for the birth of our baby and relax, the quilting is going to begin, (I am hoping that by sharing my intentions here, I will manage to hold myself accountable, and put my words into action!)
 // Other Baby Sewing Projects //
While I might have been slack with my sewing, my Mother has been quite the opposite. When she visited in the Summer, she started making a new cover for a second hand nursing pillow that I had purchased, and left me with clear instructions on how to finish the cover. Well, just as with the quilt, this sewing project has remained untouched since the Summer. So this week, my brilliant Mother has kindly finished the cushion cover with finesse.
// First Birthday Photo Shoot //
This time last year I had the privilege of taking photos of my friend's newborn baby. Somehow, a year has flown by, and it's time to celebrate Layla's first birthday. Amy invited me to capture some photos of her lovely daughter attempting a cake smash. Suffice to say, Layla needed a bath by the time she had finished!

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