baby quilt / a collaborative project

Way back in May, I hosted a baby shower for a wonderful friend. Before the baby shower, I had invited the guests to bring a piece of fabric with them to make into a quilt for the baby. I had been to a baby shower before where this had happened, and I loved the idea of women coming together with a whole selection of fabric to create something that will last for years and years.
I wasn't overly successful in getting all of the guests to have a go at making a square for the quilt, so I ended up with a fair bit of work to do in order to finish the quilt off. So, I decided to make a series of hexagons to be a feature in the middle of the quilt. There is something so satisfying about their uniform shape, and provided me with the perfect opportunity to use up some of the smaller pieces of fabric in my stash.
In the last week of the school holidays, I finally got around to finishing the quilt, hence why it has taken me almost four months to blog about it. It is full of imperfections, but made with great love and I am sure that the baby (who is now three months old) will not mind at all that it is not perfect.
Now I need to crack on with making a quilt for our baby. Seeing as my track record for making quilts at any great speed is pretty appalling, I probably should have started months ago!