Monday, 22 July 2013

weekend round up


Hello friends, this weekend was a little short of photo documentation, but definitely not short on action. Friday marked the last day of the academic year for me, which feels equal parts hard to believe, and desperately overdue. The last few weeks of school have been a whirlwind, leaving me very little breathing space in the week, which is why I have not managed to write a blog post since this time last week.

{1&2} Ever since we got married three years ago, we have enjoyed fresh, homemade bread each week, thanks to the bread maker I was given years ago for my 21st birthday. About a month before we moved house, back in May, the beloved bread maker stopped working. Since then, I have entertained the idea of baking more bread from scratch using muscle power and the warmth of our airing cupboard for proving. On Sunday morning, I baked a cottage loaf, and while it is more time consuming than popping all of the ingredients in a bread maker, I am enjoying the variety of breads you can make by hand.

{3} This is just a small glimpse int the work that has taken place in our garden over the weekend. We only have a small garden, but the builders who renovated filled in the entire space with rocks, rubble and clay. So, in order to create any kind of 'garden', we (and by 'we' I mean John) have spent hours and hours pick-axing the rocks and loading them into rubble sacks. On Saturday, we collected some top soil from a couple of different locations around the city and created a small flower patch in the midst of our rocky desert.

{4) I spent some time sewing little hexagons for part of a baby quilt for a friend that desperately needs finishing. I am hoping that now it is finally the school holidays, I will manage to spend some time finishing the quilt, and starting some sewing projects for our baby.

Not pictured but featured in our weekend: Enormous burgers, the acquisition of a new sofa & arm chairs, a smashed iPhone, a vandalised bike and a whole lot of sunshine.


  1. LOVE these photos! And the fact that you used the word, "proving" makes me incredibly happy for some reason. So much more romantic sounding than "rising." ;)

    I hope the iPhone and bike situation get to improving . . . what happened?!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Susanna : ) I was able to resolve my broken iPhone the following day and got a replacement - it just fell out of my handbag when I was in a shop with tiled floors - and completely shattered! John's bike situation is still being resolved - until he has the parts to fix it he is cycling to work on my bike!