weekend round up

Hello friends, this weekend's round up is coming a day later than I had hoped, as yesterday was filled with tying up loose ends at school in this last week of the academic year, present shopping, planning with John, and eating. By the time all of that was said and done, there was not a moment spare to blog about our weekend. But it was a lovely one, so even though this is late, I still wanted to document it.


We had the pleasure of hosting a couple of our friends from London this weekend, and we made made the most of the glorious sunshine on Saturday, spending the entire day outdoors. In the morning we took a trip to the Foodie Festival by the harbourside, where we sampled delicious cheeses, thai food, gelato and ginger beer. It was insanely hot there and I envied the little children running through the fountains wearing as little as possible.
There was the most incredible range of herbs available, which I foolishly didn't take advantage of - hundreds of varieties of mint, coriander and basil that I didn't know existed, along with many, many more. If only I could find out where the man lives who grows them...
On Saturday afternoon, we planned to go to the Lido (open air pool) in Portishead. It's wonderfully retro and cheap, with a beautiful view of the Severn Estuary, We knew it would be busy on such a hot day, but we didn't have the stamina to queue for hours (literally) to get in for a 20 minute swim, So instead, we ascended the little hill behind the Lido where the small number of other people enjoying the breeze and the view was a beautiful contrast to the heaving crowds of people splashing about in the Lido below us. We happily stayed on the hill for a few hours, grazing on salads and napping in the sun, enjoying time with our friends.
I neglected to take many more photos of the rest of the weekend, which included a quick trip to a car boot sale, early on Sunday morning (I found some wonderful bargains, all for 50p each, which I will share another time), rock shovelling, and sharing Sunday lunch with a friend and her five week old son. I love weekends! How was yours?


  1. The way you drink in your weekends inspires me. I need to more time sipping and less time gulping. Beautiful!


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