weekend round up // London


Happy Monday, Friends! I'm joining in with Mary Beth's weekend link up again. John flew back from Alaska on Friday, and we spent the weekend with his parents in London. How was your weekend?

{1 + 2} Morning walks in Dulwich Park Such a refreshing way to begin my Saturday morning, enjoying the quiet of the day in the warmth of the morning sun. I love the way the name of the entrance to the park is etched into stone in the second photo, withstanding the impact of time in a way that only stone can weather.

{3} Roses - these are my favourite kind of roses with their layers upon layers of petals. Just beautiful. Does anyone know what they are called?

{4) Wildlife - This colourful dragonfly in my in-law's garden seemed extremely placid and happy to sit around having its photo taken!

{5 + 6} Grilled Corn - we dined al fresco in John's parents' garden - this is one of my favourite thing about Summer and I am so excited about the prospect of turning our garden into a beautiful little haven to enjoy while we eat outside. As well as grilled corn, we enjoyed homemade miniature pizza's. Delicious.

{7 }XLP Arts Showcase - XLP is a charity that works with teenagers across London to support and empower them to realise their potential and make great choices with their lives. Each year, they hold an Arts Showcase with a panel of judges from within the music industry, to share the talents of the young people of London. And oh my, were they talented.

{8} Halfway through the Arts Showcase, we had to be evacuated from the building, due to the fire alarms being set off. Thankfully, there wasn't a fire, and we got to spend half an hour on the streets of London, listening to past Showcase Performers sing gospel music - it was basically Sister Act in real life - and if you know me, you know this was one of my favourite films when I was growing up.

{9} On Sunday, we enjoyed some delicious tapas while catching up with friends at Angels and Gypsies, and my virgin mojito provided the perfect refreshing drink on a seriously hot day. (Not pictured - watching Andy Murray win the Wimbledon final - Hooray!!!)


  1. Ok, I love how you can just "pop" over and see London. Just a wee bit jealous ;) My husband and I were just talking about how we would love to visit once his residency is over with.

    1. Hi Susanna, I love that the smallness of England means it's very easy to drive from the South West where we live to London in a few short hours! It's a lovely city, and you should definitely visit after your husband finishes his residency!!


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