Court Farm

Today I took my class of children on an adventure to Court Farm. The farmer's there are fantastic with children, and it was a lot of fun to be in a different setting outside of school for the day. One of the highlights was seeing a cow being milked. Cows produce a seriously impressive amount of milk. In ten minutes, one cow produced enough milk to fill 80 cartons - potentially about 320 litres. How impressive is that?!
Farmer Ed taught us a fascinating fact about cows, and that is, when they have a drink from a bucket, they get milk up their noses, so to remedy this, they lick the milk from their nostrils once they've drunk as much as they want.
Calves take a bit of time to develop this skill, and so help each other in the process, by doing each other the favour of licking the milk out of the other nostrils. Pretty clever, hey?
The children also had the opportunity to bottle feed the baby lambs and goats. They were a ravenous and rambunctious bunch, and I wanted to take them all home with me. For a brief moment, I thought about giving up teahing to go and work on a farm, and then I decided it'd be a much better idea to teach children on a farm instead of in a school. There's that old saying, 'never work with children or animals.' Me? I'd happily work with both.