Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bishop Thornton: Yorkshire

When we arrived in Yorkshire last weekend, it felt like we had entered The Secret Garden. We walked through this beautiful archway, along the flower lined path, and through a creaky wooden gate to get to the entrance of The Old Hayloft.
Shirley had laid the table for us, adding yet more of her beautiful flowers to the napkins. I loved the attention to detail!
The Aga did an incredible job of keeping the Hayloft warm - you would think that by the end of May we would not be so thankful for the heat it generated, but it was a very wet and cold week! It served dual purposes in drying our clothes as well as brewing our coffee.
We had been informed by good friends that if we were near Harrogate, we must visit Betty's tea room, so we did just that. It is an incredibly popular place, with customers happy to queue along the street for a good long time in order to get a table. We enjoyed a cream tea there (although, dare I say it, it wasn't the best I have ever had), and stocked up on delicious biscuits in their shop.
On Friday, we visited a reservoir and went for a stroll. My absolute favourite part of this day was taking a nap on a moor in the glorious sunshine - if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the photo evidence of this.
Before we headed back to the Hayloft from the reservoir, John and Tim collected kindling for our evening fire.
The sunshine on Friday that buffered a week of rain provided the loveliest of endings to this week. We drove home feeling incredibly tired from all of the resting - if that is even possible - and a car full of finds for our home from an antiques market, which I will share with you shortly.

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