A little list of gratitude...

+ Friends who lend us their big old cars to enable us to move our furniture and belongings
+ Having hot running water in our very own home
+ Friends to share pizza with and fill our house with laughter
+ Bluebells on my run
+ A friend who has finally been allowed to return from the US to his pregnant wife after a long wait
+ A brilliant husband who plumbed in our washing machine so that we can have clean clothes
+ Our Church family and the great sense of joy to be found with them in God's presence
+ Avocado dip & bananas (not together, but I love both of these things)
+ Discovering affordable locally grown organic vegetables that can be delivered to our doorstep (until we grow our own)
+ Neighbours who leave surprise blueberry muffins in our kitchen
+ Refreshing juice on rainy days
+ A brand new kitchen to bake cookies in
+ Coffee shops with free wifi

There are so many small things to be thankful for, and right now, my heart feels full with thankfulness.