bandana bibs take two

For the last two weeks, I have been enjoying the school Easter holidays. I took full advantage of having so much time on my hands, and worked on a second round of bandana bibs, after the first ones ended up being too small for the baby they were intended for. This time, I went with an even simpler pattern, based on a bib that Amy already had for baby Layla.
I used high quality cotton for the front fabric, and a soft, fine fleece fabric to back them, which should be more absorbent than cotton. 
The bibs fasten with metal poppers - much to my surprise - hand sewing on the poppers was the most time consuming element of making these bibs. I got a little faster by the time I was making bib number six, but I think if I end up making many more of these bibs, I might just invest in one of these handy tools.
After making five feminine bibs, I felt like I was on a role, and started to make some more masculine bibs. However, I only managed to whip up one, just in time for a baby shower I hosted at the weekend. I have plenty of friends expecting baby boys this year, so I am excited about the prospect of making more of these in the near future.