These are the thoughts that circled my brain as I journeyed home on Wednesday evening, watching the clouds in every direction. Weight, light, glory, flight. 

With the multitude of grey days we have had of late, blue skies are a sight to sore eyes, let alone blue skies dotted with clouds of every colour, shape and size. Part of my journey home brings me in a 180 degree loop, presenting me with a whole new set of clouds to admire. The change in perspective was filled with some seriously weighty clouds, deep, dark shades of grey, but there was something about the tinges of pink and the brilliance of the surrounding blue, that gave me a certainty that rain would not follow the darkness. The light surrounding the clouds meant that the darkness could not overcome the light - a beautiful physical illustration of a spiritual truth.
Yesterday morning, my car was covered in these beautiful little snowflake-like ice. A beautiful reminder of the now and not yet of Spring. Now, we see daffodils and crocuses shooting forth from the hard ground, and blossoms steadily covering tree branches, and while there have been a few blue skies, they are not yet here to stay. Winter has not fully released its grip, but we know that in due course, it will. And in all these beautiful aspects of nature, I see God's ways at work.