bandana bibs take one

Over the weekend, I stitched together a couple of bandana bibs, at the request of a friend whose baby has got dribbling down to a fine art. In looking for a template to make the bibs an accurate size, I sought the help of Google, which took me to the blog of a talented lady, who lives in Bath - just down the road from Bristol. I love it when I come across bloggers who are close to home, as this is somewhat a rarity. So many blogs I find seem to be written by fabulous people who live in the States, which is wonderful, but there's also something very refreshing about the familiarity that comes with discovering someone is creating in a little corner of the internet, who happens to live in a city down the road.
Anyhow, back to the bibs. They were very quick to sew, but the only problem was that they weren't big enough for little Layla, who's only 4.5 months old. So I passed these two onto baby Annabel, and will endeavour to whip up some slightly larger ones for Layla.