Friday, 15 February 2013

Quick, Quick, Slow.

As the Spring sunshine poured through my window this afternoon, I gathered everything I needed: A forgotten canvas that had lovingly held the table plan for our wedding; reams of fabric bundled in my arms, with so many stories to tell. The fabric scraps from my Granny, decades old, still holding a bright orange hue; the fabric with rows of tree branches, as bare as those I see from my window, telling the story of Winter in their nakedness; a selection of other fabrics, both vintage and brand new, coming together in their variety of colours for a combined purpose. Although the pieces of fabric I needed were just tiny little strips, carefully cut and adhered to pegs, I needed those moments today to add a little bit of beauty to a simple wooden clothes peg. And I loved this process all the more because of the silent stories behind each piece of fabric I used.
Conscious of the fast fading light, I created, with the rhythm quick, quick, slow echoing around my mind as I moved quickly to capture what I was creating while the natural light still shone, but with a sense of slowing down my pace, after all, the very reason I was creating was in light of Lent.

With a focus on slowing down, my eyes looked over each of the 41 Lent Calendar cards, filled with Scriptures, that Jessi had so beautifully designed, with the desire to encourage others to meaningfully and deliberately consider Christ and the Truths in Scripture that speak of all that He has done for us.
The fact that the light was fading made this process all the more enjoyable for me. Instead of the grey, grey skies that have prevailed throughout Winter, I was accompanied by ever changing light, casting bright shadows on our walls before transforming into a sky full of beauty.

{Joining in with Jennifer at Studio JRU and her creative link up for the first time today.}


  1. this is beautiful. your words, your project, your view. love the fabric scraps from your granny! so happy you joined us, for the first time, 'in the studio' this week! hope to see you again soon! :)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I will definitely join in your creative link up again.

  2. Beautiful sunset! How awesome to have so many lovely scraps to work with, too!