...weep with those who weep...(Romans 12)

As I walked through the corridors of my school this morning, the sunshine filling the place with light, I could not begin to imagine what the children and teachers at Sandy Hook school went through on Friday as Adam Lanza made his way through the school, gun in hand, taking the lives of so many people.

At church yesterday, our pastor reflected on what has happened in Connecticut, and reminded us that when Jesus was born, King Herod issued a decree for all new born baby boys to be killed, because he feared the Son of God taking over his kingship. We often omit this part in telling the Christmas story, but I am remembering with much sobriety and humility, that Jesus was not only born in a lowly manger, he was born into a world in desperate need of help; a world in great need of Jesus to rescue us.

We live in a broken, messy world, which is also full of beauty, but if we refuse to acknowledge the brokenness, we are really missing the point. I am reminded of the prayer that Jesus told his disciples when they asked Him how to pray:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be your name,
Your kingdom come, 
your will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven....

O Lord, would your will be done in all of the brokenness, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Earth is only a temporary home, but the years that we have living on Earth can be of great significance.

There are many people who have spoken about the Connecticut tragedy in light of the gospel in a far more powerful and truth-filled way than I have - if you'd like to read any - I would recommend following the links to the writers that David Cooke refers to.


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