Last night we gathered with a wonderful group of people to celebrate Thanksgiving (just a day late, but it's never too late to be thankful). This is an American celebration, and we have some precious American and Canadian friends who welcomed us into their celebrations. It was a great evening filled with oh so much food & drink and thankfulness. I could have cried listening to what everyone was thankful for:

Children & their wisdom, God & His great provision, friendship, fellowship, kindness, bravery and so many other things. It was humbling to think back over the year and remember how we have changed, grown, moved forward, welcomed new people into our lives and known God's leading & loving kindness in it all.

John made the same delicious pulled pork that he cooked for my birthday, on request of our friends who were hosting Thanksgiving - we roasted it for 18 hours. Delicious. Tender. Perfect.

I made key lime pie, but in the absence of light, and the midst of celebrating, I failed to get a good photo of it. It was very tasty, but in all honesty, I got more enjoyment from making it than eating it! I loved the simplicity of the process, the zesting of lime after lime, the separating of the eggs, the crafting of the base. There's a lot of unseen beauty in the process of baking that I love. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated.


  1. I love key lime pie! Do you have a good recipe to share?

  2. Hi Lauren, thank you for your comment : ) I will happily share the recipe I used, which is from the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book, thanks for asking! I'll post the recipe shortly.


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