Friday, 30 November 2012

Five Minute Friday / Wonder

This is the last Five Minute Friday post of the year! Although I have only joined in with this writing fun a few times, I have loved the challenge of writing a post in five minutes, and the thoughts the word prompts have provoked.

There is a certain awe and wonder that lies in our hearts. I think of the wonder expressed every day by the precious three year olds I teach. They cannot help themselves. Their awe at the world and all they see around them comes spilling forth. Some quietly gasp as they look at their reflections, uttering, 'that is fantastic' at the image they see looking back at them. There is no sense of pride in these words. Just unbridled wonder. Others exclaim aloud as they feel the wonder in the sensation of taking a risk; hurtling their little bodies down steep slides, exhaling excited shrieks as they feel the adrenaline rush. As I think about the wonder in children, more and more memories come to mind of their wonder that they share so openly with me. Where does that wonder go as our experiences in life grow through each year we live? What if, as adults, we were as open with our awe and wonder as children?       


  1. Hi! I am visiting from Five Minute Friday. Beautiful picture, and very thought-provoking post. I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh to see the world through child like wonder. Their filters are so pure, and always see the beautiful. Stopped over from the Five Minute Friday.