Five Minute Friday / Stay


As I write this, sleep has only just flown from me, my internal body clock waking its clever self from slumber just minutes before my alarm goes off. The memories of last night's dreaming are still fresh in my mind. There have been times in my life where my dreams have been poignant and profound, staying with me for days on end as I wonder at their meaning, what my subconscious is working through, what God is teaching me and showing me. (He spoke to people in dreams in the Bible, and He absolutely still does this now.) Dreams that were disconnected as day dawned, joining back together as a new night of sleep arrived. Back then, when the dreams were vivid, I had to do very little to get the dreams to stay with me once sleep had gone and a new day had beckoned. These days, it's more of a feeling that remains. A blurry feeling of a dream mixed with reality in such a way that I simply cannot remember the details. And yet, the feeling of the dream stays, albeit blurry and fuzzy, fading as the day moves forward, but staying, nonetheless in a new kind of way.



  1. Dreams are always a weird thing for me. There are times when I remember them vividly, or at least parts of them, and others I only recall on waking and they fade away shortly after I'm up. I always wonder though, if the Lord is trying to tell me something when I have one that sticks with me through the day.


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