Bristol Half Marathon 2012

At the weekend we had the pleasure of seeing John's parents and Tim & Becky for the second time in two weeks - they all travelled over from London for the Bristol Half Marathon. We enjoyed much good food, the last of the hot sun of Summer before October rolled in, and watching the men run. I didn't participate this year and I was quite happy to sip away on a latte in the warm, knowing that this time last year, I was running. While waiting for the men to cross the finish line, I held my camera at the ready, and spent more time photographing birds flying in unison than I did taking photos of runners.
They all did brilliantly, beating their times from last year, and finishing still smiling. We filled up our hungry tummies at Bordeaux Quay - a firm favourite restaurant for when John's parents come to Bristol.
How was your weekend? Did you eat any delicious food or have any kind of adventure?


  1. Well done John!! Yes I had an amazing smelling adventure that was discovering and being pampered with Jo Malone products! Ahh it was wonderful... I smelt good on Saturday, fair to say John smelt bad especially with those trainers of his!!


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