belated birthday post

Last Thursday saw the dawning of my 28th year. We planned to keep celebrations perfectly simple plenty of good food to enjoy with good friends over a few days and a coffee date celebration at Boston Tea Party on Sunday. It was just what I needed. Food is such an integral part of celebrating isn't it? We have eaten oh so very well over the last few days and I have enjoyed every mouthful. My birthday was full of enjoying and celebrating the small delights in life:

a breakfast latte
a surprise cd waiting in the car for my drive to work (I might have shed a tear at how happy this made me)
my children getting very excited at hearing it was my birthday
a girl in my class saying, 'but we haven't even got her a cake!' then made me one with playdough, turned the lights out and the whole class sang an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday
small mouthfuls of the most chocolatey cake I have ever baked
autumn light shining through red leafed trees
an afternoon with John enjoying a lunch out at a local brasserie
bumping into friends in the brasserie and their newborn boy
the most delicous pulled pork that my mouth has ever tasted
enjoying the scent of new birthday candles filling my home
birthday brownie
laughter with old friends and new

Much to my delight, the birthday celebrations will continue this week too with a trip to the theatre to see The Lion King. I have wanted to see this performance since I was 16. I cannot wait!