Monday, 1 October 2012

baby quilt

Good evening one and all, how has your Monday been? Mine has been full of children sharing their wonderful ideas with me about how many windows a house should have (69), lunchtime pilates, a surprise visit from a brilliant friend and her equally brilliant daughter, and an evening of baking big quantities of carrot cake and cookie dough, Right now, the aroma emanating through our home is the very scent of Autumn spices as they bake their way through the carrot cake.

Do you remember this wedding I attended last year? The one that I had the privilege to bake the cake for? Well, the beautiful bride is soon to become a Mummy for the first time, and I had the honour of making the babe a quilt. 

The original inspiration for the quilt came from this incredible blog - I could look at her quilt creations for hours. 
Amy (the mother to be) chose a calico fabric for the quilt backing, which I decided to add a splash of colour to with the left over fabric.
As soon as I had put the final stitch in place, I wanted to start another quilt to put into practice some of the techniques I picked up in the process of making this one.

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